Lego pieces for wifi car

Wher do I find the pieces for the wifi car? Is there a kit

We are working to finalize a bill of materials (BOM) for each model we show in the video. From there, you can mix and match other kits, or I think you can order them yourself online from the BOM.

What would you recommend for the Mindstorms newbies as a start kit in order to be able to assemble three of your models for the start. My kids have got a huge chest full of bricks, but none of sensors, motors, cables or special gears needed…

Hey Techo,
For starters, a Mindstorms NXT kit is probably the best way to go. You can still find them on BrickLink and you can also find them on Amazon. They’re a bit expensive.

What we’re REALLY hoping for though is that we can find a way to offer the BOM for each model, and then that can be bought on Brick Link or through another source. It’s on our list, but we’re getting caught up on getting the Kickstarter fulfilled.


Does the Mindstorms NXT kit have all of the pieces needed for the wifi car?

Shay, yes, it does.