Library Documentation

We are working on a scanner that uses Raspberry + BrickPi+ + EV3 color sensor + 2* EV3 motor.
We want to get RGB values from the color sensor. Modus 2 (that returns 7 different colors) works, but we can’t get the Raw Color modus to work. This is probably due to our incapability to use the right call/method in our code. Is it possible to get better documentation on the modi that are possible and the calls you need to use with them?

An example of better documentation is found at the website of EV3dev. We tried installing their firmware, but could not get it to boot. We would therefore like to use the Dexter Industries version of Raspbian. Can you give an explanation of how we could achieve this in our code?

Hey JudithNL, I’ll have to double check, but I don’t think the EV3 Color raw color mode works witht he BrickPi+ firmware. I don’t think it was implemented.

However, giving the EV3Dev software, it may be possible; what trouble have you had getting the EV3Dev to boot? Have you reached out to the community there, they are super-responsive and helpful too!