Light Sensors switching inputs

I have two light sensors on my robot. One in port 1 and one in port 3, the input of them are being switched. So if port 1 is reading 520 and port 3 is reading 700 they switch numbers back and forth even thou the sensors have not moved. It seems to happen less when I have all 8 batteries at > 1.3 volts. But when battery pack in whole is at 10 v, it will do this. I have a competition coming up, and this cannot be happening, I have no Idea on how to fix this. Note: I am programming it in Python

Hello RichardBrickPi,

<li>What version of the BrickPi are you using?  Can you post a picture of the setup?  

Which light sensor are you using?
Maybe you can also post the code you’re using?