Lithium polymer Batteries for Brick Pi


I believe its possible to power the Brick Pi / Raspberry Pi with a Lithium polymer / Lithium Ion Battery.

How would one go about connecting a LiPo Battery to the RPi/BPi?

Are there any batteries that anyone could recommend?

Thanks !

Hi @rJeff,

You can power up BrickPi with AA cells to form a battery pack and the guidelines to Power BrickPi are available here.
You must be careful in choosing Lithium polymer / Lithium Ion batteries as over discharging may cause fire with certain batteries and should have a look at this before choosing your battery.
To know more about the options for batteries you can refer to the post of slashc here.

-Please do let us know if this helps,

Hi @Shoban

Thanks for the information, I found it to be really helpful.

Is it possible to use a battery pack like this:

With a charger:

And modify the connection to the battery pack so that it works with the BrickPi?

Hi @rJeff,

Glad that the information helped you. The specs of the battery look good but we have never tried it and it is a bit of an uncharted territory. Yes if you can modify the connection to the battery pack, then it should work with BrickPi. However should be very careful with those batteries and you can try it out at your risk.

Do let us know if that works for you,

I am using a 12VDC 10A Switchmode Power Supply connected to 240VAC 10A power from the wall. It is sufficient to run the EV3 Large and Medium Motors.

Will look at ordering a Lithium Ion battery pack eventually so i will update with how that goes !

That power supply looks more than sufficient. Do keep us posted on how it works for you.