Looking for instructions on how to setup BrickPi3 Raspbian For Robots to use Raspberry PI 3 built in WIFI


Is there any instruction shows how to setup BrickPi3 Raspbian For Robots such that it uses Raspberry PI 3 built in WIFI?

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Well, that’s quite easy to do. You only have to

curl -kL dexterindustries.com/update_brickpi3 | bash

And afterwards, connect your Raspberry Pi (provided it’s a Pi3 or Pi3 B+) to your AP and SSH into it to start playing with it from the terminal. Click the WiFi icon on the top right corner when VNCing into it and select your AP and enter the password if one is required.

Something to keep in mind is that the WiFi functionality of the Raspberry Pi 3 is something that works independently from our robots.

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Since you’re already on Raspbian for Robots, you do not need the curl command that was listed in the preceding post. That’s already done for you. It won’t hurt to run it, in fact it will give you the latest version of the library, but it has nothing to do with setting up Wifi.

As Robert said, the Wifi setup is independent of our robots and is handle by Raspbian. The Pi 3 has its own Wifi dongle.

  1. Connect your robot to a router with an ethernet cable, and your computer/device to the same router (wifi or ethernet).
  2. launch a browser and go to http://dex.local or dex/ (no http in front). Which one will work depends on your home network.
  3. Click on the arrows, top right
  4. Select your wifi network and enter your credentials.