Make the "Forum" title a link to the forum home page

Enhancement Request:

Make the “Forum” in the title bar a link back to the forum home page.


Why is this necessary:
When navigating the various fora, the “path” back to the home page can become quite long and involved. Depending on the browser being used and the particular browsing path the user has followed, attempting to return to the forum home page can be difficult at best. In some cases the browser can get stuck in a page-loop making it virtually impossible to return. (This would be a browser bug)

Note that clicking on the “Dexter” title brings the user back to the Dexter home page, not the forum home page.

Suggested behavior:
If you make the word “Forum” a hot-link back to the forum home page, it becomes trivially easy to return to the beginning of the forum and start another exploratory session.

Jim “JR”

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