MindCuber (complex) v BricKuber (simpler)

Having commenced building the BricKuber Rubik’s cube solver robot as per the MindCuber instructions (http://mindcuber.com/) as directed on the BricKuber page, it is very obvious that the device shown on the BricKuber page (https://www.dexterindustries.com/projects/brickuber-project-raspberry-pi-rubiks-cube-solving-robot-project/) is a much simpler design.

Is there a link to this simpler design or do I have to slog through the complete MindCuber build and, incidentally, buy even more LEGO?

MindCuber has more fancy parts, decorations, etc. However that shouldn’t be an issue to exclude if you don’t have those. Did you try building mindcuber?

Yes, I had a closer look at the difference and it was, as you say, mainly in the decoration which I excluded anyway.

Since I posted that I’ve completed the Mindcuber design less decoration and sensor motor assembly and, much to my surprise, it works … after an initial problem with the RPi camera. But that was down to an option in the raspistill command string.

Thanks for the response.

It would be cool if there were specific instructions for BricKuber…the entire mechanism that moves the color sensor back and forth in Mindcuber (where the pi camera is attached in BricKuber) looks like it could be chopped since the pi camera doesn’t need to move. I can’t tell from the pics if the medium motor is included in BricKuber but it should also be possible to chop this (it is the motor that moves the color sensor in MindCuber).

@dwalton76, I agree that it would be nice if there were specific instructions for the BricKuber version.

I left the 3rd motor off completely and modified the mounting for the RPi camera. I don’t know if it is possible to upload photos? If so, I could put up a photo of how I modified the build there.

Well someone who built it, like you guys if you want could always make instructions.