Motor Encoder and Motor Rotation wont work in Parallel

So I’m trying to get some more precise movements with my BrickPi but I cant seem to get the motors to move and the encoders to spit out data at the same time. I can get the encoders to work by themselves, measuring simply how much I turn the wheel. But I cant get the motor to turn and the encoder to measure them at the same time.

If I try to run the motor at say a speed (power = 100) and tell the motor encoders to print every second or so, the motors don’t turn.

But if I try to run the motors without the encoders on, the motors work.

from BrickPi import *

BrickPi.MotorEnable[PORT_A] = 1 #Enable the Motor A
BrickPi.MotorEnable[PORT_B] = 1 #Enable the Motor B
BrickPi.MotorEnable[PORT_C] = 1 #Enable the Motor A
BrickPi.MotorEnable[PORT_D] = 1 #Enable the Motor B

BrickPiSetupSensors()   #Send the properties of sensors to BrickPi
BrickPi.Timeout=10000	#Set timeout value for the time till which to run the motors after the last command is pressed
BrickPiSetTimeout()		#Set the timeout

print "Note: One encoder value counts for 0.5 degrees. So 360 degrees = 720 enc. Hence, to get degress = (enc%720)/2 "

power = 100
BrickPi.MotorSpeed[PORT_A] = power
BrickPi.MotorSpeed[PORT_B] = power


while True:

	result = BrickPiUpdateValues()
	Encoder_A_2 = BrickPi.Encoder[PORT_A]
	Encoder_B_2 = BrickPi.Encoder[PORT_B]
	Encoder_C_2 = BrickPi.Encoder[PORT_C]
	Encoder_D_2 = BrickPi.Encoder[PORT_D]
	print "Encoder A: " + str(Encoder_A_2)
	print "Encoder B: " + str(Encoder_B_2)
	print "Encoder C: " + str(Encoder_C_2)
	print "Encoder D: " + str(Encoder_D_2)
	print "___________________"

Wonder why no one replied, :frowning:
Sorry that no one did.

I think I may know the issue. Does the program continue after running the motors? Could you verify that by putting a print after the motors run? If nothing prints then the encoder values never print. This can be fixed with running functions in separate threads.