Motor Ports C And D Don't Work


The BrickPI I bought, 2 motor ports out of 4 don’t work. These ports are Motor port C and Motor port D. All the other Motor ports and sensor ports work. I have the dexter industries image on the SD card and I have made sure the BrickPi communications are enabled. I use a micro USB power cable connected to the RPi and a 9-volt battery connected to the BrickPi+. Still the ports do not work with programs that need motors. I think the motor chips have been broken and I got a defective BrickPi+.


Hey Yash, did all four ports ever work?


No, from the start, only A and B motor ports worked.


Ok yash, where did you purchase the BrickPi+ from?


Hello John,
I purchased the BrickPi+ and its case from Amazon in the USA.


Yash, can you contact us through here: and we’ll arrange a replacement. Please site this thread when you contact us. Thanks!