Motors making strange noises

When running, my motors are making errrrrr noises and vibrating. Is this normal? I don’t want to break them. I’ve tried switching out the ev3 motors with nxt 2 ones, but the same thing happens.

Hey someone,

It’s hard to diagnose the “errrrr” noise, maybe if you’re concerned, you can put a quick video up on youtube and share the link?

There shouldn’t be any harm to the motors from running them on the BrickPi.

Couple of questions . . .

  • What % are you running the motors?
  • How are you powering the BrickPi?


The BrickPi is being powered by usb. I need to pop out to try it with batteries too. I’ve set motorspeed to 100 (is that in percent?)

Thanks for the help

Yeah, definitely want to power those motors with a 9V battery pack, such as the BrickPi Power Pack. They’ll just hum along and not do much without it, and you MIGHT burn out your Pi.

Here’s more info on powering the BrickPi. Complete with infographic.

OK - thanks for the help