Multiple Brickpis?

for a project I need 8 ìndependant motors and sensors. Is it possible to operate 2 brickpis at the same raspberry? if so, how would you address the motors/sensors on the different brickpis? any help is appreciated, thanks in advance

I’d like to do this too. I found a function to change the brickpi address, but I haven’t been able to hack it.


Hey folks, are you using BrickPi Advanced or BrickPi+'s?

im using the BrickPi Advanced

I thought we had written some software to do this, but I don’t think we have. I spent a while looking around for it. It’s technically possible, but we don’t have an example of how to do it. Making this really hard is that this relies on the serial lines, and that’s a challenge (if it ran on I2C, that would be easier).

A couple of key points you’ll need before doing this:

  • You’re going to have to compile and write the firmware. We have instructions on this.
  • You’re going to have to change the EEPROM addresses of the extra BrickPi. (currntly they’re 0 and 1).
  • You’re going to have to modify the file to address each of them.

I’m thinking about the same right now. I only need to control five motors, but that’s still more than one BrickPi:-(

@John, a question about your second point above:
It looks like BrickPi_EEPROM_UC1.hex & BrickPi_EEPROM_UC2.hex actually contain the addresses as 1 & 2 instead of 0 & 1 as you wrote?! That also matches the addresses I found in the Python code.

– Marco