My BrickPi3 got shorted out and Survived! Please read so you don't make the same mistake I did

So yes I accidentally shorted it out. A didn’t fully tighten a screw that bolts the Raspberry Pi to the case and it fell out. Since my BrickPi3 was mounted upside down on the robot the screw got shook around from the robot driving around. Anyways it landed on some metal on the BrickPi, and made the status indicator go nuts and shut the Pi off. Everything still somehow works.

I’m writing this to warm you that loose screws pose a threat to your BrickPi. Also the case has lots of tiny screws which even when fully tightened they still seem to fall off.

I think the BrickPi3 needs a screwless case. (Aside from the ones to mount the Pi)

I’m also a bit perplexed on why my BrickPi3 isn’t broke and the Raspberry Pi. :no_mouth: