My latest robot. Love the omni wheel

not having too much luck on this post. One of them I uploaded an image and twice I posted links. None are visible to me when I view this thread. No errors, just empty posts with the links/images stripped.

Sorry for the useless clutter.

I can see a picture. It looks awesome!

Looks great. What code example are you using for it? I messing with Scratch, but beginning to think I need to bite the bullet and get into Python.

I’m using Python but I’m blocked. When I started to move motors using the supplied motor test script bad things started happening. See the forum thread on “Motor B not going backwards.” At least three of us are having similar problems. Apparently the motor driver chips are smoking somehow. It causes my PI to reboot which can’t be good. Unfortunately my email to Dexter was ignored and no one from Dexter is responding to the thread so I don’t know what to do next.

Hey Zencuke,
What e-mail was ignored? I am so sorry if we missed your e-mail.
For people having trouble with the motors, IE they’re not moving in a direction, we are replacing the BrickPi. I’m trying to get a little more information about the situation, but we replace manufacturing defects pretty swiftly.

Please contact us, I think you already have my personal e-mail.