Need replacement power cables for battery packs[SOLVED]

I’ve got a couple battery packs and both have frayed wires for the snap connector. Where can I get replacments? I need just the snap connector + wires, not the plastic 8xAA frame.

I’m looking at the mouser and newark websites, but they are a bear to search through. Can somebody @ Dexter give me part numbers for the snap plug connectors for both types? Thanks.

This is the one the PivotPi uses.

For the barrel jack cable, try searching eBay for something like “battery barrel jack”. Some are very inexpensive, probably less than 1/4 what Mouser would charge.

If you have the necessary tools and are comfortable with soldering, I think you could solder those back together.

You could try to avoid tugging on the wires, to prevent this from happening in the future.

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Thanks Mark – I didn’t know that the round connector is called a ‘barrel jack’. Using that as a keyword, I was able to find replacement parts here:

That gets me what I need. Thanks!

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