Network dropping

I’m playing around this the script to get some idea of how to calibrate the motors.

I’m using the latest DI image. I ssh to the Pi via a Linux terminal.

Whether I run on wall current or battery, on hardware or wifi, most of the time when I run the script, I loose the network connection. When this happens, the program just continues to loop until I kill the power, as I can’t reconnect.

Wondering if anyone has seen this and has any suggestions.

No resolution to this issue. I ended using a second BrickPi and second Raspberry Pi and haven’t seen the issue with the new hardware - so am assuming something is up with the other set of hardware.

Hey gtbrick, are you using a Raspberry Pi B? Was the wifi device from us?
Also when you say the connection drops; it sounds like the RPi isn’t restarting, is that correct? Or is the whole system resetting?