New GoPiGo2 - ping not working dex.local

Hi, Got my new little robot last week, all put together. Was able to do ping, then vnc via ethernet cable to my mac, and setup wifi. Then did software updates to Dexter SW, RaspberryPI OS, and Firmware. Now ping does not work at all. I am able to hook up to a monitor and see that it is booting up, and access menus if I plug into keyboard and mouse, but can’t get back to it on my Mac via the ethernet cable.

Lastly, Wifi only seems to work if I reboot a few times, and looking @ boot up msgs getting a error on spi-dev.

Any advice on what to do here? Feel like I need to blow away SD card and start again so I can get things going. any help would be appreciated.

Hi dp14,
Can you try using the guide here: to burn a fresh image to the SD card and find out if it works out this time. It is possible that the setup script might have stopped in the middle which might made some packages unusable.


ok, rebuilt SD card, was able to connect again on Mac via ethernet cable. Then setup wifi per these instructions:

Wifi seems to work, but when I shutdown, turn off and turn on - with ethernet cable disconnected, I cannot ping dex.local…I can ping wifi IP address I wrote down while connected via ethernet…and can ping that. From browser dex.local does not bring up menu for VNC. I even try the IP address with 8001 port and no luck (ex:

Any advice?

Hi dp14,
Are you able to SSH into the Pi with WiFi by using the IP address of the Pi instead of dex.local using Putty?

Can you try using Putty and RealVNC from the directions here and see if that helps:

Can you paste a screenshot of what output you get when you run this on the terminal in Mac: ping dex.local.


So took home, was trying to get it to work on my network @ work (guest wifi), but think they deny bonjour. But I am able to see/get IP address from ethernet connection, and ping it just fine, but somehow VNC not working to it still.

So @ home network this weekend, was able to see/ping on wifi. Then I upgraded Raspian, your software, firmware for GoPi, and then GroovePI.

After GroovePI firmawre upgrade - followed instructions and was not connected to usb power, and motors unplugged, I can no longer see device when I ping dex.local. Going to recreate the image yet again, this is getting old.

Also, even when device was on network I ran your tests to test device out, nothing happened (and motors were plugged in as well…no blinking lights, no wheel movement at all - created another forum post on that one.

ok, rebuilt image for 3rd time, now finally back on network, not doing upgrades on software or firmware this time. Ran Test & Troubleshoot - 1st test. No flashing lights, no wheels working at all. Any ideas? Attached is log file.

Hi dp14,
From the log it looks like you have accidentally burnt the GrovePi firmware on the GoPiGo. Can you run the firmware update script from here: It should be on Desktop/GoPiGo/Firmware. First make the script executable: sudo chmod +x firmware_update.shand then run it sudo ./ Please make sure that the motors are disconnected before you start.

Can you try running the test after this is done. If it still does not work, can you run the troubleshooting script and send back the log.


So progress, update/firmware installed as you specified with wires out. Ran Troubleshoot GoPiGo test, not sure correct though as right wheel just keeps spinning @ end and does not shut off unless I pull power on it and reboot, here is what I am observing, and log file attached.

Looking @ GoPiGo from top, battery pack on back:

Right Wheel Forward ~5secs
Left Wheel back ~5secs
Both Wheels Back ~2Secs
Left Back ~2secs
Right Foward ~30secs
Left back - forever, just runs and runs, I have to unplug motor, plug in and reboot

Log attached.

Can you try running the here: GoPiGo/Software/Python/ and try out the w,a,s,d,x for moving the GoPiGo and v and f to check the voltage and firmware version and let us know what you get.

Also, can you check if both the motors have rotary encoder acrylic discs connected properly and have the paper on them too and send a picture of your GoPiGo upside down zoomed in on the encoders. Step 4 here shows how the encoders look like and how they should m=be mounted:


Ok, will do that.

On encoders, I asked about paper when I got device, and note I got back from Taryn was “You should take the paper off the encoders to reveal the black so that the board can read it better. So, take all that paper off”. Here is pic on encoders.

Can you exchange the encoders on both the wheels and try the test again to check if the left motor fails or if the right one does. Can you also send the new log file from the troubleshooting script again. I am trying to isolate the problem to the encoders or the encoder wheels. From the looks of it, most of the GoPiGo should function well for you, except the encoders, so you can start using the GoPiGo for your projects, but we’ll help solve this problem asap.


Switched encoders, here was result

Right Forward
Left Back
Both Back
Left Back
Right Forward (long - like 20 secs)
Left back - Just keeps going

Basic-setup does the following:

w - only right wheel goes forward
a - right wheeel forward, left back
s - nothing, then s again and then both wheels going back
d - does nothing, but it does stop left wheel from running forever (see X below)
x -starts the left wheel going backwards and stays that way

v - 0.0v
f - 1.3

It really looks like you received a broken GoPiGo. Thanks a lot for taking the time to test it out and I’m really sorry for the frustration.

Can you contact us here, under “General Questions and Feedback”: We will have one shipped to you immediately. I have also messages about this to Taryn and Amber, and they’ll make sure that we get it shipped to you ASAP.

Again, I’m really sorry to hear about this; we’ll make it right immediately.


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