New: GoPiGo3 Raspberry Pi Robot!

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1/2 The GoPiGo3We’re thrilled to announce our update of the Raspberry Pi robot kit GoPiGo — the GoPiGo3! The GoPiGo3 comes with new features, is easier to assemble, and even more fun to program than its predecessors. The GoPiGo3 is the perfect robot for STEM learning and learning to program.  1/2 1/1 Key Features of…

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I’m speechless. You are turning this Brickpi into your flagship kit. Is it just me or is that awesome! :smile:

It doesn’t look like you’re using two Arduinos any more?
I was looking for the BrickPi3 firmware on GitHub

Is version 2.5 the brickpi3 firmware?

I wonder if the new one will use more power with all its new features.

It looks great. You’ve offloaded a lot of the work from the RPi to the BrickPi3 (like the motor control). I see you’ve abandoned the bit conserving/cpu intensive part of the communications protocol between the two boards.No longer requiring a hardware programmer to change the BrickPi firmware will allow programmers to change the BrickPi to do even more for their robots.
Thanks For This!!!

I better read the firmware! Looks amazing!
Can’t wait to try it out. So essentially the load is taken from the pi and put on the arduino, usinless processing power which in tn means less power consumption.

Might want to change the link for the Buy now button to the BrickPi3.

The new library is AWESOME! Great work. So many new features. :grin:

Looking at the python examples there sure looks to be a lot of off-loading going on. The RPi code just tells the BrickPi 3 what it wants, and doesn’t have to worry about helping to do it.Looks great to me.
It would be interesting to examine the new firmware.
How much horsepower does the BPi 3’s ATSAMD21J have compared to the BPi+'s two Arduinos?