New-Here: Request Schematic FAQ's / Socket details

Hope I didn’t post in the wrong Forum. Apologies if I did…
Wanted to ask if an FAQ was written somewhere that I can grab describing fully all the socket-pins for the Brick-Pi. (Sensors and Motors)
Also, to note if there are any differences between sockets. The schematic shows different features for Sensor-5 (Fast I2C), but I’m curious if there are other features.

Thank You in advance for any help I could get.


Hey Vince, I went ahead and moved it over to a different section.

So are you looking for the schematics of the BrickPi? They are up on our github repo

Sensor port 5, the fast I2C port, is an I2C only port. You can’t put a touch sensor or ultrasonic sensor on it because it doesn’t have the same network hooked up behind it.

Does this help answer the question?

Hello Dexter, I’m assuming this is Dexter because only other name listed I could find was “Keymaster…” LOL!
Thank You MUCH!! for helping me by moving the message. I’ll double check where it might be so I dont make that mistake again…
I’m actually Looking for “Pin-Descriptions” of the 6 pin sockets. I see stuff like “S3ANA” and “S3SCI” and I’m assuming thats a common since the
Lego motors/sensors are Plug 'n Play sorta for protection from shorting, etc…
Do I have to be stuck with buying a premade motor assembly or sensor? Want to build my own and I cant find any info on what those I/O connections are…
Could you point me to a key that would GO WITH the PDF schematic? I dont have a viewer for the Eagle-Files so I cant look to see if a better schematic might be in there.

Thanks for ANY help!! Also, thanks for your reply.


Hey Vince, you can call me John. I am technically the keymaster, but I prefer John. :slight_smile:

You are most certainly not stuck with the premade. We would love to see you hack something together. Any motor that works at 9V will do. For experimentation purposes, might we recommend the Breadboard Adapter? It is a breakout of the Mindstorms cable.

This image will be for the sensors:

And if you want to use it as a motor output, you’ll have this pinout:

This is GREAT!! Pictorial View and everything. Big Thank You! I will print ASAP.
I’ll checkout the Breadboard adapter.
I’m thinking later I may have a few more questions but I’ll learn all I can first about the other items. Assuming since Tach is involved Servo control is going to be the norm. But wondering why there are two Motor outputs 1 and 2.
Guess I’ll find out when I look into it more.

Again Thank You!!
Looking forward to hackin-it-up with a Breadboard Adapter.


Can you give me an email I can directly write you? I’m having trouble trying to get a message to you. Here is the CC of my message.

Hi John,
I tried to buy the $12.00 breadboard adapter and was sort of Shocked that the shipping was showing as $20.00 when I clicked for Priority Shipping.
So I had to Cancel. Can you please Verify this? The total shipping amount was $31.00 or so. I do want the Adapter shipped by Priority if thats OK for you.
Let me know either way.


Hey Vince,

Where are you purchasing to?

Our international shipping rates can be high. Did you check our international distributors?

Hello John,
I guess I haven’t been paying attention where the shipping is coming out of. I thought you were here in the States… Priority Shipping is normally under $6.00 for an item such as that in the States here. I guess the next question is, Where are you shipping from? I’m in Sacramento, California, USA.
If I dont hear back from you I’ll probably just pay whats requested.
I just thought something was wrong with the order system.

Appreciate “Very-Much!!” all the great help you’ve been with the breakout.
Is there anymore details I could get hold-of such as on the Sensor-side. What does “Analog” stand for with reference to the pin?? Also, RS485 is an old-style current-loop serial communication protocol. Why are SDA and SCL labeled as RS485 ??? An actual sensor is usually powered and grounded to activate or powered to activate… Just sort of “In-The-Dark”… (not your normal sensor and motor I/O’s in my opinion.)


Vince, we ship out of the US. Our rate should not be $20 for an order headed to the US. If you have AMazon prime, we ship this item from amazon as well here.

SCL and SDA, on port4 also double as the RS485 pins on the NXT. This feature is not available on the EV3. Most sensors are I2C. We offer the only RS485 sensor, the NXTBee.

Hi John,
I ordered the breadboard adapter just now from you guys. All was going perfect and the shipping charge was fine from what I could see.
Then I noted that after I put my CC numbers in and processed it, it THEN said it was going to Charge Paypal… I’m sort of confused because now I’m thinking I am going to be Double-Charged.
I received a second email from Paypal saying that I have authorized you to charge my Paypal account. ??? I didnt log into Paypal at all to complete any transaction. I ONLY gave my credit card info on your site.
This doesnt involve Paypal AT-All…, so why did I receive an email from Paypal?

Pretty “Confused” here… &%&^%*( so I’m hoping you could clear things up for me… ???


Hey Vince,

We, like thousands of other websites, use Paypal to process our orders. Whether you pay with your Paypal address or you use your credit card, the transaction is handled by Paypal.

I checked our orders, and it looks like you ordered once, and were charged once.


THANKS a Bunch John!!
Appreciate the prompt reply too. I was sort of worried and checked my bank account to see that Yes there was a $19.00 amount (only…) that was held. So Thank You for verifying it also. Giving my card number I had thought Paypal wouldn’t be involved… Thanks for clearing it up.