No display with Raspian for Robots

I have assembled my BrickPi and I am getting no video out when using the Raspian for Robots. If I switch to the other Raspian the display works.
The display stays black and the monitor reports No Signal on the VGA (I am using a HDMI to VGA adaptor).

Any ideas on why it is doing this?

Is it going to be easier to configure my other Raspian where the display works to use the BrickPi?


Hey Bill, at first blush it looks like you might have a corrupted SD Card. The only thing I would double check: are you plugging in the monitor first, and then powering up? The monitor must be plugged in first before powering on. Otherwise, it should be straight forward and come on when powered up.

Did you buy the SD Card directly from us?

The monitor is plugged in first and it works with the other chip I have. It appears to be booting up. The the red light comes on and I get the flashing green light as it is starting up, but the screen stays black.

I bought the card directly from the website.

I went through the process to use the existing card so I will see how that works.

where I plans on using this I need to have the monitor and keyboard to access the unit.


Hey William, it sounds like the card was corrupted. If we sent you a corrupted card and youw ant a replacement, we’ll replace it, just contact us through contact ( and we’ll arrange a replacement. If you want to move faster, you can try to reburn the image with these directions: