No Firmware on my new BrickPi


When I run the LEGO Motor script the motors do not run. When I run EV3 Firmware, I get that Firmware: None, and the message “Doh, you must update your firmware to run EV3 sensors”… I have a feeling that my BrickPi did not come loaded with formware at all. How can I check?

Hey lmclupr,
First, unless you loaded the EV3 firmware yourself, you should not expect to see a response from the program.

To test if you have ANY firmware at all, run the motor test or the touch sensor test. If the motor test isn’t working, can you check that you have motors plugged into the correct motor ports, and that you have an external power on the BrickPi. Do you have an external power supply on the BrickPi?

If that doesn’t work, please contact us through our website

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