No Serial Ports Appear To Be Working

Hi, I’ve recently set up the BrickPi although the serial ports do not seem to be working. I’ve tried motors on all motor ports and a colour detector on a few of the sensor ones as well and when running example programs either in scratch or in python, the motors did not run. Also when I had the colour sensor plugged in the light on the sensor did not turn on. I’ve tried powering it both by micro usb and batteries and I imaged my sd card a few days ago.

I have made a copy of the driver that is provided and made changes to it to support python3 and I thought that may be the problem until I tried in scratch with example programs where that didn’t work either. Is there a setup step I gave missed or something that may not have installed correctly in the setup process?

Hey Jimmybobtm, are you using the Dexter Industries image?

The most common issue is that the comms have been disabled. Have you given this a shot:


Sorry, and if yo’re not using Raspbian for Robots, I would recommend you at least test with it. You’ll need a 4GB SD card: