No status from wpa_suupplicant

I am trying to set up the wifi car.

When using the raspbian image the Wifi config app works fine and uses my wireless dongle.

the dexter version, however returns an error on status “could not get status from wpa_supplicant” and I am unable to select the expected wlon0 in the adapter drop down box (or anything else!)

can I do some sort of edit to the wpa_supplicant file?

Hey alisone,
Sorry about this! Can you run an
in the command line; what does your wlan0 output look like? Do you have an inet address? Do you have any RX and TX packets?

Just to note: the BrickPi image has a static IP assigned. You can modify this back by editing the file

Also, which wifi adapter are you using? Does it show up under wlan0 when you run ifconfig?

thanks for getting back to me
screenshots attached for ifconfig and the contents of the interfaces file
the adapter is a dynamode nano, which seems to have been recognised by a number of distros now - I have lost count!! including yesterdays raspbian wheezy raw


Looks like, from your ifconfig, that your wifi hardware is recognized, but you’re not connecting to a network.

I think the quickest and easiest way to get the wifi adapter working is to into interfaces and change the values.

You can access this file with the command

sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces

(You probably already know this because you can clearly access the file).

Change the login SSID and PWD to the appropriate values for your network.

Then you can do one of two things:

Make the login dynamic by changing “static” to “dhcp” and erasing the next 5 lines (leaving the SSID and PWD in place). If you do this, you’ll have to figure out the assigned IP value.


Change the next 5 lines after “static” to the appropriate values. Those you should be able to find from any computer already connected to the network you want to get on.

CTRL-X out of nano, saving the file, and reboot. Does this help?

BRILLIANT - sorted - thanks

Yeehaw! We actually solved a problem!