Not able to connect RaspberryPi with BrickPi to a HDMI Monitor (Samsung TV)

Hi There

I have been trying to connect the BrickPi with Raspberry to a Samsung TV with HDMI but I am not able to see anything on the TV
Not sure what I have done wrong. Can you advise?

Hi Wee, do you have power lights on your Raspberry Pi? Did you boot the Raspberry Pi up with the power on? How are you powering the BrickPi?

I would recommend the following:
1). Before you power up the Pi, connect the HDMI monitor. Make sure on your HDMI monitor you have the correct source selected for the Raspberry Pi.
2). Power the Pi up with a 2A Raspberry Pi Power Supply using the micro usb port.

I think from a previous post it looks like you’re using our 2015.03.20 raspbian for robots, correct?

Hi John
on the raspberry pi, i have the green and red LED light up and it is solid turn on. e.g. it is not blinking.
I am powering up my raspberry pi with the micro usb port connected to the main 230v using the supplied switching adapter that comes in the package

I connect the rapsberry pi to the TV using a hdmi cable. I then turn on the TV and ensure the hdmi source is set correctly on the TV.
The i plug in the micro USB port and power up the Raspberry pi which is link to the brick pi.
The red and green led light turn on immediately.
On the TV, there is no source detected.

Yes, i am using the 2015.03.20 raspbian for robot as i bought the complete set from you guys.

Can you advise John?

Hey Wee, it looks like we’re having a parallel conversation here (

If sliding the cable in and out doesn’t work, and you’re sure that everything is physically setup correctly, you may need to re-burn the SD Card (it can be corrupted if the power on it is turned off quickly or if it’s ejected while the power is on). Can you take a look at these directions; do you have the hardware to try to reinstall the Raspbian for Robots image on your SD Card?

Hi John

yes, we are having a parallel discussion. Thank you for your patience.
A quick question, when the raspberry pi is booting up, does the red and green LED flashes? or both light stays continously on, WITHOUT flashing?


Hey Wee, no problem at all. Thanks for you patience working with this.

Yes, when you are booting up there there are two LED’s that flash, the red one should be solid though. It should turn on and be solid. The one that blinks will keep blinkiing until it’s fully booted. Is this what you’re seeing?

Hi John

Today I borrow another raspberry pi with a another SD card (let us call us SD card A)
I plug into a monitor and it boot up properly. The Green light blinking until it is fully booted.
Please refer to jpeg “working generic RBp”

I then take out the SD card A and insert in the Dexter SD card (let us call this SD card B) and the borrowed Rasberry pi booted up, all ok.
Please refer to jpeg “working RBP with Dexter”

So the SD card supplied by your company is working properly.

I then used the SD Card A (which is working) and plug into the Raspberry pi(supplied by your company) which is plug with the Brick Pi and tried to boot up
It does not boot up. (the Red and Green Light stays solid - the green LED does not flash at all).

As such, it seems like the problem lies with the supplied raspberry pi. As i bought the starter kit which includes the raspberry pi, can you advise if i can get a replacement raspberry pi?

And I hope the brickpi is working too…

Please advise John.


Of course. If we shipped you a defective Raspberry Pi, we’ll replace or refund it. Please contact us through this link ( and we’ll make the switch or refund. Sorry to hear about that, the Raspberry Pi is almost always a solid piece of hardware.

Hi John

will do.

thanks for your help.
Much appreciated.

I am still looking forward to build my first robot using Brickpi