Not able to log into Brickpi/Raspberry from laptop

I go my brickpi starter kit with including Raspbian for Robots 2015.03.20 (memory card)
I try the whole day with this

And this

But I cannot even ping the raspberry from the laptop command prompt.
I am rather disappointed as I was looking forward to try out python on my lego motors and sensors.
Can you advise what else I can do

Hey Wee, sorry to hear about the frustrating experience.

So let’s look at this:

I take it you’ve installed bonjour on your PC, right?
You have the Pi connected to your PC directly with an ethernet cable. Do the lights on the ethernet port come on? Are the LED’s on the side of the ethernet cable blinking?

I have installed bounjour on my pc. Please see enclosed jpeg.

I connect the PC directly to my raspberry pi with an ethernet cable as supplied in the package.
The lights on the ethernet port do NOT come on. There is NO blinking on the side of the ethernet cable blinking.

There is nothing wrong with my ethernet lan adapter as i can use it in my office. eg. when i plug into my office network, on ipconfig, there is an assigned ip address.

Please help. thanks John.

Hi Wee, if the ethernet lights are not coming on, the Pi is not getting onto the network. The first thing to check is that your ethernet cable is pushed all the way into the Pi or into the computer. If they’re not coming on, you’re not on the network and nothing else is going to work.

If sliding the cable in and out doesn’t work, and you’re sure that everything is physically setup correctly, you may need to re-burn the SD Card (it can be corrupted if the power on it is turned off quickly or if it’s ejected while the power is on). Can you take a look at these directions; do you have the hardware to try to reinstall the Raspbian for Robots image on your SD Card?

Hi John

I open up the SD card and enclosed it in the jpeg file.
Since I can read the files on my laptop (in windows), on the SD card, I am not sure the card is corrupted?

Can you advise if I should go ahead and reinstall the Rasbian for Robot image?

Hey Wee, even if you can read the files on a PC, it still might be corrupted. The critical files are going to be in some of the files. If you’re not seeing any life (no HDMI monitor, no lights on the ethernet port) it probably means the sd card has been corrupted.