Ok to upgrade Wheezy image?

I just flashed my SDcard with your latest image (2014.01.20_Dexter_Industries_wheezy.img) and everything is looking good. As is my habit, I’ve run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade but I didn’t accept the upgrade as I saw that there were two packages that might interfere with the Dexter Industries modifications to Raspbian - specifically python-rpi.gpio and python3-rpi.gpio… is it okay to upgrade these packages or will that mess up the python brickpi driver/bindings ? Can you clarify which packages (if any) should be left alone ?

Hey Ivar,

I’ll give it a shot, I’m honestly not sure if it will mess up python. The only way for me to figure it out is to go ahead and try! I’ll try to give it a shot today or tomorrow and see if it makes a difference. I doubt it will though.

Thanks for the headsup on this!


I was asking because I remember looking into the DexterIndustries customizations and IIRC the GPIO was affected…

Anyway - thanks for looking into this.

Hey Ivar, I just gave it a shot and the python GPIO seems to be working normally, no problems. Feel free to sudo upgrade away!