Old Brick Pi + Raspberry pi model B Issues

Hello Everybody, Ive been recently attempting to start messing around with robotics, but I keep running into issues. I have the older BrickPi+ and the model B raspberry Pi. I added the BrickPi software onto my raspberry using the directions available, but I was not able to successfully run anything other than the install for the software itself. I unlocked the serial in the terminal (via nano) and scoured the forums and website and I believe the reason nothing is working/opening is because the hardware is just too far behind the software. I may be wrong so anybody who has any thoughts on how to fix it I would be open to suggestions. If not, I am also looking for any software/OS for my raspberry pi that would allow me to work with my old BrickPi+ or just good robotics software as-well.

Hello @hudsonsimpson14

The BrickPi is still usable with the right library. Did you download it from here:

The BrickPi3 library would not be compatible. Maybe that’s what you had installed?

Thankyou! I copied the brickpi+ onto my raspberry pi and got a little further than before. I was able to successfully set up the software for programing with python, however whenever I attemped to run one of the tests (I tried the hardware test and the motor test) It says that: “The irreceiver() is not defined” and when I run the test for the IR receiver it comes out as “false”… Did I miss a step in the installation? Where do I go from here?

I haven’t personally worked on the BrickPi+ project, but I may have an idea. I wonder if the IR is disabled on yours. If you’re on Raspbian For Robots, you can launch the Advanced Communications app from the Desktop and enable the IR receiver. After that, reboot and see if you still get the same error.

If it doesn’t, can you precisely indicate where it fails? Maybe give us a screenshot of your error or just a copy paste.

Thank you!

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So the BrickPi + software does not have the Advanced Communications app.
Whenever I run ir_receiver_check.py the output has always been False in the python3.4.2 shell.
The brickpi+ IS attached to the raspberry pi and I have the battery pack (about 6 volts) connected.
I have looked through the script. I have no Idea where its even getting “False” from. Please help.

The BrickPi+ is no longer pre-installed on Raspbian for Robots.

You will need to install this library too:

cd ~/Dexter
git clone https://github.com/dexterind/RFR_Tools
cd RFR_Tools/scripts
sudo bash install.sh