Old BrickPi with Raspberry3

I bought the BrickPi when it first came out. At the time Raspberry Pi 1 the only raspberry available. UnfortunatlyI never had the time to use it.
I’m not sure if the BrickPi has changed since than and wonder if I could use the “Old” BrickPi with the latest Pi.
If not, is there still a image available which supports the RaspberryPi 1

Many Thanks for the help


Hello @rggefrm
The latest Pi will support the first BrickPi, however Raspbian for Robots will not.
You will need to start with Raspbian and manually install the BrickPi drivers.

sudo curl -kL dexterindustries.com/update_brickpi_plus | bash


Many thanks for the quick answer. Could you please let me know where I can find more information about the differences between first BrickPi and the latest version?

Did you include any upgrades in the last version of the latest BrickPi not present in the first version?

Best Wishes

Frank Mattes

Hi Frank,

There is a high-level overview of the improvements implemented in the BrickPi3 here.

A few of the biggest improvements with BrickPi3 include:

  • Solid, reliable support for all EV3 sensors, on all of the sensor ports.
  • Significantly more advanced motor control implemented in the BrickPi3 firmware. The firmware not only supports power control, but also position control and speed control.
  • Much faster communication between the RPi and the BP3. Commands are issued and values are read immediately, without being put into a buffer to await being “synced” with the BP. Each command averages around 250uS, which means you can send commands and read values at a rate of approximately 4000 per second.
  • The ability to do a firmware update from the RPi software, without needing to make any changes in hardware (no jumpers etc.).
  • A Grove I2C port to allow using some Grove I2C sensors and devices.
  • The ability to stack a few BrickPi3 boards for even more motors and sensors. More details here.

Dear Matt,

many thanks for the useful information. I think it’s definitely worth to buy it.

Best Wishes

Frank Mattes