Original account was invalidated

Hello DI,

I have another account, ‘salvideoguy@gmail.com’ which somehow was invalidated.
In order to submit this feedback as a logged-in user, I had to create a new user account with an alternate email address - 'steve@workingsocial.net.
The username is steve.

Can you look into this? My previous posts are not associated with this new account.


Steve Levine

Hi Steve,

this forum is new to all of us. I checked your salvideoguy account, and it’s neither suspected, nor blocked. I am unsure what you mean by “invalidated”. Are you getting a specific error message when you try to log in?


Yes hi.
For about a week I have been able to get right into the forums, signed in.
Today, I was unable to either:

Login with 'salvideoguy@gmail.com’
or ‘salvideoguy’.

When I tried to recover my password, it said that the email was unrecognized.
You can fix it for me by resetting the p/w, creating a temp one which I can log back in with and that will fix it. Please test it and let me know how you logged in.

Can you do it please?



@steve: Just sent you a mail to reactivate the account to salvideoguy@gmail.com. Can you check if you got that and if it works for you.

@steve did this work out?

Sorry, yes it did. Thanks!

Has anyone devised a circle script for GoPiGo?
Like drive a circle of some diameter or radius for n cycles or something?

I am doing a package of motion controls in Python which I will share once perfected.