Pi model B+ > do I need to build new image on sdcard?


I have the brickpi installed it on a Pi model B installed everything and worked like a charm…

Now I bought a new model B+ recently, I want to use it with the BrickPi board. Connected it and my idea is to take the miniSD card that I had on the model B and use it directly, as is on the Model B+.

But no succes, seems it does not even boot allricht. Any tips here or is this a raspberry issue not a brickpi one now i think of it?

has anyone connected a B+ model to the brickpi and just swapped SD card and was able to run it?



Hey Hugo,
We’re able to swap with total success. In the past month, we’ve gone back and forth between the B, and the B+, with no problem. One small trick that might help: before putting the card into the B+ you might want to try running sudo apt upgrade / update to make sure you have the latest Raspbian image updates. There are a few that are helpful with the B+.

Does your image still work with the Raspberry Pi model B?

Thanks Hugo!

ok I tried the sd card in other model B but without success does it need to have a brickpi attached to boot in the firstplace? I cannot update the image anymore, seems not even to boot. not sure what is the issue. It has another board attached to it(a DAC card IQaudio.com) so maybe that is preventing it to boot now?

thx for your response so good to hear we can swwitch back and forth between model B and B+…

I am building new image now…

does it need to have a brickpi attached to boot in the firstplace

Nope. It should boot whether you have a BrickPi attached or not.

If you’re having trouble booting your Pi, I would recommend removing all hardware and giving it an attempt at reboot.

Also, you may want to just start with a new image. It may have been corrupted; hopefully the SD card is not fried.