Pi4 with BrickPi 3 dosn't run Scratch examples

I have just received a new Raspberry Pi4 + BrickPi 3. I am running the Buster experimental build, but the provided Scratch examples don’t work.

Steps to reproduce

  • Download the experimental build and flash it to a micro SD card (64 GB)
  • Power the Pi4 with its 3A power supply, and the BrickPi 3 with a 2A power supply
  • Boot the Pi4 with the micro SD
  • SSH and VNC from a PC to the Pi4 (so far, so good)
  • Connect a touch sensor to S1 and a medium or large motor to MA
  • Run “Scratch for Robots”
  • Click on “Demo Hardware”
  • Press the touch sensor, nothing happens.
  • Click on “OK”; a dialog “Test complete” shows up, click on OK to close it
  • Click on “Open examples”
  • Open “LEGO-Touch.sb”
  • Click on the green flag
  • It says “Waiting for sensor configuration to complete”, then it is stuck there indefinitely
  • Press the touch sensor, nothing happens
  • Close Scratch

Here below the result of “Test and Troubleshoot”. I am not sure if it is testing anything, because the test completes in a fraction of a second.

log.txt (438 Bytes)

pi@dex:~ $ uname -a
Linux dex 4.19.75-v7l+ #1270 SMP Tue Sep 24 18:51:41 BST 2019 armv7l GNU/Linu

Please advise. Anything I can do to troubleshoot the issue? More information I can collect?

Update: after updating the Dexter software via DI Software Updater, the Scratch examples work, and so does the “Demo Hardware”, so the issue is fixed. Running a sudo apt upgrade wasn’t enough, but running the DI Software Updater did it.


Welcome to the club!

I made the same mistake on a GoPiGo as it appears that apt-get only updates the underlying system and the Dexter updater updates only the Dexter packages themselves. (When I ran it, it looked like it was doing something like a “rsync”-like file patch update instead of a “package” update.)