Pillow and BrickPi

Hello all,

I am currently building a Raspberry Pi + BrickPi robot, the ultimate goal of the robot is to be able to (using the already installed picamera) identify objects of red, green, and blue color, and go after a certain color selected by the user. I have installed and tested the Picamera, also, I installed a version of Pillow that seems to be working with Python version 3.2.3. This is a problem however, since I see the robot can only work in Python 2.7 (terminal uses this Python version as well). After doing some research I found that Pillow version 1.0 can work with Python 2.7, however, how can I install this specific version of Pillow (v 1.0) and not the most recent from the Raspberry Pi terminal? As all of the ways i see to install Pillow are simply:

$ sudo pip install Pillow (which installs the newest version of Pillow)

I would be greatful for any help,


Google is your friend. Try:

You can even use a version range with pip install command. Something like this:

pip install ‘stevedore>=1.3.0,<1.4.0’

Hey @radut, looks lie you want to install this package: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/Pillow/2.6.0

And to get a specific package, you can follow this posters explanation: