Ping unsuccesful


I received the first package gobox international, built, try to connect to my laptop. I cannot get trough page 35 of the notebook, lights are on, connected, but there is no response to ping. wifi dongle removed, still no response. What to do?

Hey mpeter0725, when you power the raspberry pi, are the lights blinking or solid? Are the lights around the ethernet cable turning on?

Hi, the lights of the pi turn on, then the red one shuts down and the green one is blinking further. around the cable they turn on and one of them is blinking. I guess this is what I should see?

That sounds correct. You should see the two lights on the Pi: one solid red and one blinking green. Then the two lights around the ethernet cable one solid and one blinking occasionally (or sometimes not at all).

Are you using a Mac or PC to try to ping your Raspberry Pi?

The solid red shuts down after the first two seconds or so. I am using PC, win7, regularly updated.
Maybe the beginner is talking, should I try to “reinstall” the SD card?

Whatever you do, do NOT pop the SD card out while the power is on! That will very likely corrupt the card.

That’s strange: The solid red LED with the PWR next to it turns off after booting? How are you powering the Raspberry Pi?

Batteries only, good point.

I tried with the adapter as well, then I have the solid red, it is not turning off. The rest is good, lights by the ethernet cable, and all the lights that should work. I still do not have a response after ping. I then remove the the wifi dongle, wait 2 minutes and still no response. Any other ideas?

Trying another PC? Trying a new “installed” card (can I do this myself)?

Hey mpeter0725, someone had a great idea of trying to set a static IP number. I will try to put up a quick tutorial on how to do this in the next few hours. I dont’ think you need to install a new card, it sounds like the problem is with networking, not the Pi. Just to be sure, you’re running Bonjour on your PC and that’s installed, right?

Ok, here’s a video showing how to setup a static ip using windows. Can you give this a shot?

I’m going to keep it unlisted for now; if it solves your issue, we’ll try to get it into our troubleshooting process.

Hi John!
So, I tried it, followed the video and it is not working like this. Your example was 212 at the end, then you did ping number …212 and got four reply lines with …212.

When at the end I ping my number …187, I get four reply lines with …186, all lines: Destination host unreachable.

When I try to ping number …186, I get four reply lines with …186, and I get replies (at the end is TTL=128).
Then I try ling dex.local and it still does not work.

Does this makes sense to you? And thank you all for trying heling me! I do not know what to do…

Sorry, what were the two IP numbers: what was the ethernet IP number for your computer, and what number did you assign to your Pi?

Hi John,

The IP number was and I assigned

Then I pinged the latter one and got no reply. Then I pinged the first one just to see and there was some reply. You can find it on the screenshot.

Hmm. Ok, looks like you did it correctly then. Not sure why that’s not working.

Just to double check, you’re not running a firewall on your PC are you?
And you’re not able to reach dex.local through your browser (IE if you type http://dex.local , you get the same network error).

Also just wondering, you’re not running any virus scanner (Specifically I’m wondering about McCaffee). It’s just that i’ve been reading as much as I can about bonjour and the pi, trying to figure out why folks are having this trouble. Wanted to see if you had anything like that running that might be interfering.