Please help I can`t contact my pi4 by ssh

Im a student from japan and I buy one Grovepi to prepare make some iot robot. I already install the raspbian for robots OS in my pi. but when i contact pi use my computer , the terminal always say could not find host dex.local. I dont have any idea about it
even I put a ssh file into sd card can not solve this problem
How can i do anything else can solve this issue?
my English is not very good hope someone can help me please :sleepy:

pi`s model is 4 and the OS is Experimental release (for the Pi4) which I install


Konichiwa oukamura,

Only the 32-bit Buster based Pi OS (Legacy) are tested/recommended as base for the GrovePi,

Disclaimer: I do not own a GrovePi+ so this is what I would try if I did:

  1. Install Legacy PiOS (Current image at this time is September 2022)
  • Use Raspberry Pi Imager
    • Choose OS → Raspberry Pi OS (other) → Raspberry Pi OS (Legacy)
  • Set it up to connect to your network
  • Make sure it is fully working
    • setup with remote shell or VNC to the desktop
  1. Follow the GrovePi Setup instructions

Thanks for your advice bro

it’s very useful!! :smile: :smile:


Look at this posting:

One other thing you should consider after getting a compatible O/S is configuring the interfaces.

You will need a monitor, mouse and keyboard.
You run raspi-config as root and

  • configure networking so that it can connect to your network. I normally start with a hard-wired Ethernet connection to get things running and configure wireless when things are working.

  • Enable these interfaces:

    • I2c
    • SPI
    • Serial
    • SSH
    • (and maybe others, I don’t remember.)
  • DISABLE IPv6 - it causes connection problems.  There’s a special boot-time parameter you can pass and you also should disable it during network connection configuration for both Ethernet and wireless.

  • If you have access to the router, you should assign both the Ethernet connection and the wireless connection fixed IP address leases so that the robot always gets the same IP address every time it connects.  This allows you to keep the robot configured as a DHCP client, which allows it to connect to other networks if necessary.