Grove-Pi Doesn't work? Do NOT use Raspbian Bullseye!

There have been several postings here where someone is trying to get a Grove-Pi/Grove-Pi+ working and it fails no matter what they try.

The eventual root cause of this failure is that the individual downloaded and installed Raspbian Bullseye.

It should be noted that the Dexter Industries libraries for the Grove-Pi are not yet compatible with Bullseye.

The solution is to flash your SD card with the Raspbian Buster image located here:

Then run the “curl” commands in the installation guide for the Grove-Pi.

If you are using a Pi-4, this version of Raspbian is mandatory as other, earlier, versions will not boot on the Raspberry Pi-4.

Updated the link to point to the official download site for the “legacy” version of Raspbian.

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Good to know, now I know why I have been having trouble with my standalone pi’s and grove sensors. I left my GoPiGo’s at Buster, and they are working fine. Thanks for the tip!
If you use Raspberry pi Imager, you can get Buster by going to Raspberry Pi OS other, Raspberry PI OS (legacy)


Super! Thanks for this tip. I searched and searched the foundation documentation pages for a mention of archived images and was starting to think they were hiding them. Good to know.

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They are.  :wink:

They really want you to ONLY use their latest-and-greatest whether or not it’s suitable.

It’s like Firefox. If you want to download something other than their “shim” installer for Windows, it’s possible but you have to swim the Hellespont to find them.

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