Power adapter

I just received my brickpi!

I already have a RPi which is stationery and connected to the wall adapter. I was wondering if anyone has any recommendation for any wall adapters which can drive both the RPi and the Brickpi with a couple motors. I dont know if my current adapter can drive this setup. For the time being I just want to test things out so being stationery is better for me right now.

Also, I have seen some posts where people are using 8-AA battery pack for mobile usage. Does anyone have any numbers on how long the batteries last ?

Hi !

I use stationary a 6 Volt 2 Ampere wall adapter. For mobile usage the Lego Battery Box. Please have a look here. Both is able to drive the motors, lights and so on.


Have Fun ! Oliver

Thanks for the information. Looks like you made some modification to the brickPi plate ? I was hoping to use the wall adapter to RPi microUSB which can drive the brickPi board and the motors. I dont want to do any mods yet. Any options there ?

For mobile usage, what kind of mileage are you getting from the lego battery box ?

Hey dl6kbg, that’s a really neat hack! How long does your solution last?

OK i just had a look at the LM7805 Datasheet and it is suggested to use a minimum power input of 7,3 Volt.

To be honest i tested the battery box connected brickpi since friday every evening for half an our. And did some motor tests. I have to make some tests with a fully equiped model at the weekend. The battery pack is from my Lego 9398 crawler and they are quit old. Output of the batteries is still at 8 volts.