Power and ultrasonic sensor


If I have a good understanding of your webpage “Power Up”, it is written that the Ultrasonic Sensor operates only with the battery pack and the USB. Is that correct ? Can this sensor operate with only the battery pack ?

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The BrickPi needs to be powered with a battery pack in order for the ultrasonic sensor to work properly. Using USB power in addition to the battery pack is irrelevant.

can only usb power the brick-pi and sensors?

Yes, but if you’re using only USB power, you can’t use motors or NXT ultrasonic sensors.

Thank you for the answer. It clarifies things. Nevertheless, I don’t understand the meaning of one sentence in the guide explaining how to power the BrickPi (see http://www.dexterindustries.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Quick-Guide-to-Powering-the-BrickPi.png)

In the column “Battery Pack + USB”, it is said that “Ultrasonic sensor operates”. The same sentence is however not present in the column “Battery Pack”. For me, it could mean that the ultrasonic sensor does not operate with only a battery pack. Maybe it will be interesting to add the sentence “Ultrasonic sensor operates” also in the column “Battery Pack”.