Power PivotPi from GoPiGo?


Is it possible to power a PivotPi directly from the GoPiGo (or the raspberry connected to the GoPiGo), without the 4 PivotPi batteries ?


Hi David,

It is not recommended.

Motors (including servos) tend to be electrically very noisy on the power supply. If they shared power with the Raspberry Pi, strong loads or sudden changes to load could cause the Raspberry Pi voltage to fluctuate too much, and the RPi could crash.

Another less important reason is that servos are designed to run on 6v, so by running them on 5v they will have decreased speed/torque.

Thank you for your answer !
In that case, can I power the PivotPi from the GoPiGo servo voltage pins, or any other pins on the GoPiGo that is not directly connected to the Raspberry Pi 5V supply ?

The servo pins on the GoPiGo share power with the RPi. Since it’s only one small servo, it doesn’t seem to be a problem. However, using the PivotPi, you could use up to 8 large servos, which could be far too much load on the 5v supply.

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