Power to the Raspbery Pi

I seem to be missing something, where do I connect my BrickPi Advanced Power version to power my version 1 Raspberry Pi?

The BrickPi advanced stacks on top of the Raspberry Pi (using the GPIO pins on the Pi). You can then power it via one of the methods we’ve graphically outlined on this page.


Does this make sense?

I have seen these options but I thought I could power the Raspberry Pi from the BrickPi, but I cannot find a power out on the BrickPi. Have I misunderstood?

It you want to power the RPi through the BrickPi, no problem: stack the RPi and the BrickPi, and power flows from the BrickPi to the RPi through the GPIO header (the black plastic thing sticking down out of the BrickPi).

The connections were there all along, staring me in the face! Thanks for your help.

Hey, really glad that we could indeed help! Fantastic!