Powering BrickPi an Raspberry Pi separately

Hi Everyone-

I’ve purchased a Jockery 5V battery to power the Raspberry Pi via the mini-USB port, which allows me to take advantage of the polyfuse. My understanding is that if I power it via USB then I run the risk of backpowering it and potentially damaging the RPi since there’s no fuse in the USB circuit.

When I want to run the BrickPi I do that by using a 6AA battery pack to provide 9 V.

In order to extend the life of the AA batteries, could I run both batteries at the same time (the Jockery 5V. to the RPi and the 9V. to the BrickPi)? Is there any danger in providing that much voltage, or will the BrickPi just draw what it needs?

-thanks very much

and a quick modification… is the answer the same if i run an 8AA battery pack to provide 12 V?

thanks again!


My BrickPi is powered with 8X 1,5V and the Raspberry is powered with a 5V battery.There is no problem.

excellent! thank you!