Powering Multiple BrickPi's


I am looking at doing some experimentation with AI and specifically with a Raspberry Pi and Lego Mindstorms components (and quite possibly Grove sensors as well). I am aware, from reading the documentation here on this site, that if you want to run motors from the BrickPi board it will need its own power supply. Equally if you need more that four motors you’ll need a second BrickPi.

Has anyone run multiple BrickPi’s with rechargeable Nimh battery packs and if so which ones. Ideally I’m trying to find out if there could be a single rechargeable battery pack option for this type of setup, ostensibly to both reduce the weight and bulk that would be caused by having two 8 x AA battery packs as come supplied with the BrickPi.


May we recommend our rechargeable battery pack? This works with the GoPiGo3 and the BrickPi3.

Hi John

Thanks for your reply. I have seen that but it doesn’t appear to be available from your suppliers on my side of the pond.