Powering the BrickPi from a wall outlet

I have a feeling this has probably been asked (and answered) before, but I couldn’t find an answer in any existing thread.

Is it possible to power the BrickPi from a wall outlet? I see that the recommended setup for a stationary robot is USB power for the RPi and battery pack for the BrickPi. Wouldn’t it be even better to use socket power for the BrickPi as well?

Just power the brickPi it has a connection to power the raspberry board also. I have been able work the pair from a 7 volt supply (2 amps max). Don’t know the specs on the brickpi.

Hey defekt, by socket power, do you mean hooking the BrickPi into the wall? If you have a 9V source and can wire it up, this is a great solution for plugging the BrickPi into the wall. Just be careful to get the polarity correct on the BrickPi connection.

As for current draw, that all depends on how many motors are being used and to what level of power. Each motor can draw over 1A.