Powering the BrickPi3

Hello all,

I was wondering, if I have product like this

can I power a robot through microusb like this? If so, what kind of battery life can I expect? Thanks!


Hello! You will not be able to move motors if you use just a USB power pack. You can still access the sensors, and the Raspberry Pi, but to move motors you will need to use a battery pack in the power jack.

You should get a hefty battery life. I have a 6000mAh battery and I get a decent amount of hours. I never really kept track, but you get the point. The battery your looking at is way bigger, so don’t even worry about battery life!

You can find more information on powering the BrickPi3 here.

Will a battery pack and large powerbank be able to power the motors for significantly longer than just the battery pack? What about microusb to the pi?

Yes, it will. If you power the RPi off a powerbank you’ll take a massive burden off the battery pack.
However if your robot rarely uses motors, then the improvement won’t be as big.