there are two BrickPi in the List “BrickPi Basic Power” and “POWER-UPGRADE + BRICKPI + CASE”.
What is the different between this?

Have I understood correctly, that none of them contain a Raspberry Pi?



Each one of these two packages is a BrickPi and largely has the same functionality. Both come with cases and both come ready to work as a BrickPi.

The only difference is that the BrickPi Advanced Power has a step down regulator that converts the 9V to 5V, which greatly increases (doubles) the battery life of the BrickPi.

That’s correct, neither product comes with a Raspberry Pi. You can order them at the bottom of the same page.

Hope that helps?`

While on the topic of pre orders, where can I find the shipping date for the pre ordered BrickPI (powerupgrade inclusive)?


You can find it on our website here:

“All pre-orders will only ship AFTER the last Kickstarter customer is fulfilled. We anticipate this to happen in September, 2013.”



I put in a Pre Order on 11 September for Parcel Post delivery to Australia. I am very eager to receive it! Any chance of an indication as to when it might be shipped?

Order number yhst-84998756148510-1097

Fulfilling the Kickstarter is in full swing at the moment. However, we’re not done with it yet, and it’s going a little slower than we anticipated. I hope we can get it done by the first week of October. If you’d like a refund, please contact us about it and I can arrange it.

Hello, I am french and would like to pre order a brick pi with power upgrade. Your yahoo checkout page doesn’t list France as a valid country and I assume it is because of your partnership with generation-robot. But the generation-robot version of the brick pi seems to be a basic power one and the case is nowhere specified. What should I do?

Bonjour Ho33e5! Thanks for bringing this up! We didn’t realize our distributor had a limited selection on the BrickPi; let me get in touch with them and figure out what we can do. Hopefully I’ll have some more information in the next few days!