Prep SD card with script

My Raspbian installation is customized (e.g. different user than pi, Wlan already set-up etc.). That’s why I prefer to use your “modify your own image” method to set-up.

However, I am somewhat confused. I ran the (with sudo) and the Pi rebooted. Now I would expect to have samples present, a working directory outside of the git download etc.

But even a simple motor test complains about “ImportError: No module named BrickPi”, so apparently it can’t find the required python libraries. A “find” across the entire SD card also reveals nothing specific.

Do I need to do more than “”? Or is the install script confused about the user being something else than “pi”?

Never mind: I found another repo on GitHub (BrickPi_Python), and now the motor turns.

I take it you were missing our BrickPi_python directory? Did you get the whole directory out of Github?

Yes, I thought that the BrickPi package is all that I need. But now I am fine: I got the BrickPi_python package as well, and can now program the BrickPi with Python.

You made our day! Thanks a lot tinue, that’s fantastic!