Problem sending data


I have a Brick Pi setup and I got this error start from yesterday when I left my Pi at server room. My server room got internet access but it says connection failed. How can I solve it?

It looks like you have a general raspberry pi problem here. You’re using the regular Raspbian image, not our image?

If you want to test internet connection on your Raspberry Pi, you would just type “ping” in the command line.

Yes I’m using regular Raspbian image. Here what I got but my network got internet access…

Seems you don’t have internet access though. If you pull up Midori or another browser, can you see the internet?

But, my router got internet access and other device can access the internet. When I pull up Midori, there is no internet access. How to solve this John?

I’m not sure! It doesn’t look like you’re using our image, and it doesn’t look like an issue with our hardware. So you might want to check on the Raspberry Pi forums or double check that your Pi is actually setup to connect to the internet.