Problem with bundled WiFi adapter

I backed BrickPi at “The Cadillac” level as it should include everything I need and be ready to go after spending a few minutes assembling the case. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get the bundled MonoPrice USB WiFi adapter working, despite having lots of experience with Linux. After a couple of days of debugging attempts, I finally swapped out the bundled adapter with another from EdiMax that I had on hand and everything suddenly worked.

Has anyone had success with the Monoprice adapter? Wonder if John should consider shipping a different adapter for future buyers.

Now that I have it working, I couldn’t be happier! This is an excellent robotics platform and I’m recommending that a few schools buy these for robotics and programming classes.

Hey jkinney,
Not to crowd out other voices, but we’ve been using the Monoprice adapters for the past few months and haven’t had any trouble. That beings said, there’s always a chance for defects. I would really like to hear though who else has had the same problem.

If you can contact us through I’ll setup a swap out; we want to make sure you’re whole.

I have exactly the same Problem. Last week i got the advanced BrickPi with Monoprice-WLAN-Stick. I’m not able to get it working. My old EdiMax works fine.
Is there another Standard in Germany?

I had that problem problem as well. At the end I found out that in the config file there should be wpa-ssid SSID instead of wpa-ssid “SSID”, and the same goes for password.