Problem With Motors Examples

I’ve got the same “BrickPiRx Error : -2” problem with the advanced power board - using 2013.07.27_BrickPi.img. I’ve set the init_uart_clock-32000000 in config.txt but all the LEGO sensor python examples return BrickPiRx Error : -2

The LED programs work fine, but nothing else seems to. Any ideas on what to check?

Hey Mustard,

First, you don’t get any response at all from the sensors, or are you getting intermittent errors?

Second question: how are you powering the BrickPi?

Hi - I get no response from the sensors - I’m trying at the moment with the EV2 touch sensor as that seems like the simplest to get working.

I’m powering the Pi with USB and the BrickPi with a 9V supply with fresh batteries (6 AA’s), both connected simultaneously.

I tried with the fresh install of 2013.07.27_BrickPi.img and also with one that had been apt-get ‘upgrade’ and ‘update’. The original init_uart_clock seemed to be 16000000 and I changed this to 32000000 after reading the ‘Modify your own image’ section, but that didn’t seem to make any difference. That’s the only line I’ve changed in config.txt - the rest seems commented out anyway.

I checked that the serial ports are commented out in inittab (they were) and in cmdline.txt.

I’m trying at the moment with the EV2 touch sensor as that seems like the simplest to get working.

Are the the EV3 touch sensor or the NXT touch sensor? Do they have an orange touch pad or a red touch pad?

It’s the NXT touch sensor with an orange pad.

Is it possible that there’s a bad batch of Advanced boards? Seems like quite a few people are reporting problems with BrickPiRx Error : -2?

Is there any self-test or test function that can narrow down whether the board is ok or not?

Hey mustard, I’ve been thinking about this a bit the past few days and still don’t have anything off the top of my head. If you want to arrange an exchange, can you contact us through ? We can send out a replacement for you to try. It might be a hardware problem, and that’s tough to troubleshoot from this end.

We have a QA/QC procedure, and it’s possible some of these have made it through without passing. I only could 3 maybe folks that are on the forum; off the top of my head we might have replaced 5 or so of these boards? Out of the thousands we’ve sold, that’s not a bad track record (so far at least). We’ll make you whole on this.

Hi - thanks for the response. I’ve sent a note through as suggested.

Appreciate the solid customer support from you guys - it makes a big difference and will no doubt be reflected back in future project purchases :slight_smile: