Problems accessing BrickPI information


Hi Guys,
had a couple of hours to spare today so thought I would update my BrickPi and get it to run on pixel for the raspberry PI.
site is extremely slow.
from my raspberry PI I can eventually navigate to"looking for Brickpi instructions and projects? click here" and then it gives up.
Keep getting a “waiting for extension Ublock Origin” message on the bottom of chromium.

On my Mac I can navigate to the page with details on how to modify your own SD card, but the link to download the install script does not work from safari or google chrome.




That’s most likely a problem with your adblocker. Try disabling it on this website. I don’t think there are ads.


Okay, but I have not knowingly got an ad blocker, I will check the raspberry PI Chromium settings

Steve Gale


Oh, I see your using the pi. Chromium on the Raspberry Pi comes with ublock origins, the adblocker, installed. You can either remove it or click on the little shield shaped icon in chromium and click the power button. That will disable it. Then try going on the dexter ind website.


I will try that tomorrow, thanks for response