Problems on switching on light

Hello, I’m Jose Luis Tomas from Valencia (Spain). I have problems when I try to turns on, the little light that are included in the set 9797 of Lego, It does not work.

I kwon that when I connect this ligth to an output port in the NXT Brick (for example Port A), the light turns on when we try to power on this ‘motor’.

In the Brickpi I use the python language and I connect for example the light to the Motor or Port C, I use the following code fragment:


BrickPi.MotorEnable[moto3] = 1 #Enable the ‘Light’

BrickPiSetupSensors() #Send the properties of sensors to BrickPi

BrickPi.MotorSpeed[motor3] = 180


Best Regards:

Jose Luis

which part in this picture: are you calling the lights? I’m really confused by what you’re trying to do. Maybe you can post a qucik picture of how and what you have hooked up to the BrickPi?

Hello John, sorry I try to explain:

The item is the number 4494083, in this item I can connect onw or two small white pieces with a tiny light bulb. I attach two photos in wich I show you what I want to say.

Best Regards:

José Luis

Hi Jitona, I don’t think those will power up from the BrickPi motor ports. I suspect (though I’m not sure) that they’re going to be linked to different pins than the power (which would make sense, they probably can’t handle 10V of power).

Thank’s John, but the problem is that I use all the pins in the Raspberry because I connect the BrickPi, therefore I can’t connect the light bulb.