Programming Hints and Tricks

We just posted this up online to try to speed up folks development when writing for the RPi. Hopefully it’s useful, for the BrickPi and for any RPi development.

For programming wireless autonomous BrickPi robots ‘on the fly’ in Python, Adafruit’s Raspberry Pi WebIDE is excellent (

Sigh. We’re used to it but the bias is a little annoying to us Mac users. Notepap++ is good but consider at least mentioning that this is a Windows only solution instead of pretending Mac users don’t exist.

Why bother with ftp? Wouldn’t it be easier to install samba and mount the pi disk on your desktop. Then use whatever editor you like. That’s what I am planning to do. When I get around to it I’ll post methodology here.

My RPI seems stable. It crashes a lot lately but only since I started running BrickPi software, especially since I started moving motors. Before that it was plugged into USB and stayed up for weeks at a time. In fact I don’t remember it crashing at all until I started developing software for my robot. Hmmm…

-steve (aka zencuke)

Samba works great on the Pi. Here is the tutorial I used to configure my Pi. You can connect with your Mac via smb: protocol without a problem.



Sorry, someone ate my tutorial link:

Great tip Michael. Thanks.

Does the BrickPi use the SPI and/or the I2C pins on the GPIO? If it is the case, then these pins become unavailable for general I/O use.

Vorticon, the BrickPi uses the two serial lines (RX and TX) to communicate. So SPI and I2C are not used.

I love this Notepad++ tutorial, as it’s my development environment of choice.

However, when I get to
ansicon.exe plink.exe -ssh pi@ -pw raspberry

I get a very unhelpful crash notice

(and yes that’s the right IP as I can connect to it via SSH, the Notepad NppFTP, and VNC)


I need some help please. I am trying to connect my Pi B+ to my mac via Ethernet. Your instructions say to ping raspberrypi.local, but I get an error saying Host unknown, can’t resolve ‘raspberrypi.local’.

(Also, the captcha on the comment section does not work!)


Jetson Davis

Hey Jetson, are you using our Raspbian for robots image? Or did you install your own?